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Home Care Service

The major concern of CARE PLUS is to fulfil our objective to provide the best medical care for the terminally ill cancer patients at their homes. Dressing of infected wounds, ascetic fluid tapping, I.V fluid for dehydrated patients, catheterization, Ryle's tube insertion, enema etc., are the common medical care services provided by the medical team to patients whose distresses vary. The medical team hands over the medicines to alleviate pain and make them comfortable. An instruction chart is also given and then care giver at home is advised how to take care of the sick patient. The team attends to the patient, spending ample time ensuring that no discomfort is caused to the patient.

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On an average, each patient is visited by our team within a gap of 14 days till their passing away. In case of emergency we make extra visits as and when required. Vidiyal Trust U K. under the leadership of Rev. Patricia Atkinson joined hands with CARE PLUS from the very beginning. They have provided two vans for the Home Care service to provide palliative care for the less privileged at their homes.
The above services provided by CARE PLUS brings out our long term plans for caring for the poorest of the poor in their hour of need to provide Palliative care and realize our vision and motto "CARE BEYOND CURE"- to reach out to the patients and their families, to enable and empower them to reconcile and face life's challenges.

Home Care - The Process

PAIN & PALLIATIVE CARE OP of RCC hands over patients to CARE PLUS, for extending to them our Home Care services. The patients get registered with CARE PLUS and the route to their home is noted as well as their phone number. The patient list is computerized and the number of visits and the dates are updated. CARE PLUS team visits three to four patients a day. Home care is done on 6 days a week. With 2 medical teams CARE PLUS visits about 22 patients per week on an average. CARE PLUS attended to 270 patients at their homes.

Peripheral Clinics

CARE PLUS conducts four peripheral clinics at Attingal, Nedumangadu, Neyyattinkara and Kattakkada. During the year Palliative care is provided at these four Clinics to nearly 1500 patients.The Attingal Clinic is organized on alternate Friday's at C.S.I Mission Hospital. The Clinic at Nedumangadu is organized on all Thursdays. Nedumangadu Nagarasabha started this clinic in July 2003. Nedumangadu Nagarasabha has also extended assistance to procure medicines for the clinic organized here. The Clinic at Neyyattinkara is attached to the Taluk Hospital. This OP is conducted on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month by CARE PLUS team. The Taluk hospital here have conveyed their appreciation for the medical care provided by CARE PLUS at the Centre and used to admit very sick patients at the hospital for further care. CARE PLUS also set up a Palliative Clinic at the Vayojana Mandiram at Charupara,Kattakada. This clinic has been in operation from October 2005 onwards. The CARE PLUS team conducts the Clinic here on fourth Wednesdays.

Other Services by Careplus

Adjuvant Therapy.

This is an on-going project from March 2005 onwards. The poor patients chosen by the Clinic at RCC are provided assistance for the treatment. ......................

Surgery Support.

CARE PLUS is instrumental in supporting around 50 surgeries of oral and breast cancer patients. Surgeons identify poor patients who find it difficult to pay the advance of Rs.5000/- and send them to CARE PLUS. CARE PLUS has also been supporting the patients with antibiotics and medicines they are required to take during the post-operative period.

Treatment Support.

CARE PLUS had the privilege of supporting the medical treatment of Patients entrusted by R.C.C. Treatment support was provided for an artifical limb and other emergency needs. Over and above this, CARE PLUS distributed medicines to poor patients and also extended financial help to buy medicines from R.C.C. pharmacy that were prescribed by the concerned doctors.

Family Rehabilitation.

CARE PLUS supported patients for their house rent, to buy Sewing Machines, for building maintenance and Toilet construction.

Festive Celebration at the homes of palliative patients.

CARE PLUS takes special interest to celebrate Onam and Christmas with Home Care Patients. With a sick patient at home and no source of income, it is difficult for the poor family members to celebrate a special occasion. At times it could probably be the last festive season they are spending with their family. CARE PLUS provides food kits worth Rs. 1,000/- for Home Care patients during Onam along with an "Onakodi". CARE PLUS also provides "X-Mas" kits each worth Rs.1,000/- to 100 Home Care patients.

Geriatric Support.

A monthly pension of Rs 750/- is given to 19 elderly mothers of Trivandrum District who lost their children due to cancer.

Educational Support.

Since inception, CARE PLUS has been supporting the education of the children of BPL cancer patients. Our system is to find sponsors who can afford to spend annually Rs. 3,000/- for a school going child and Rs. 6,000/- for a Plus Two student and Rs. 12,000/- for a student doing professional courses. This money is entrusted to CARE PLUS and the amount is transferred to their accounts every month. CARE PLUS monitors their progress in their annual exams.

CAREPLUS support children right from UKG to professional and technical courses. As during the past years, Snehasparsham - a get together of these children is organised during April/May along with their parents and guardians. Educational kits, uniforms, shoes, school bags etc were given to the children. Entertainment programmes, health counselling were organised for the children and their parents on this occasion.